Slipfox Network Suite Closure

Slipfox Network Suite | 2021-2024

Tl;Dr: Effective March 1st, 2024, all Slipfox services will be ceasing operation.

Listed below are some alternatives for each service I used to provide:


I would recommend joining if you were previously a member of my Firefish. The owner is someone I trust, and if you fit in here, you’ll most certainly fit in there.


No suggestions here, as I don’t use gitwebs enough to have any alternatives on hand, but any Forgejo instance would be adequate.



Anything on the Invidious Instance List.


Pretty much any public Mumble server will do.



Any public peertube instance.



No alternatives will be provided. Odysee is shitware.




The official Bitwarden instance is adequate. Alternatively, if you require the extra features the Enterprise edition provides, self-hosting Vaultwarden is pretty much trivial if you know anything about Docker. It’s what I used for this server and it’s great.

But why?

The Slipfox Network Suite was a hobby project I started back during COVID, primarily to see if running a public server was something I could do. It primarily started out as a blog for myself, and indeed you can find old snapshots of that blog on, and it expanded out from there into roughly what you see today. I believe that I have nothing left to prove to myself. I’ve done everything I’ve set out to accomplish and more. With that in mind, the only reason I would have to keep this running is if I enjoyed doing it, and honestly, beyond the technical aspects of it all, I really don’t. I’ve made it no secret in the past that I have a very large distaste towards the FOSS and infosec communities, primarily because they’re all comprised of insufferable snobbish pricks who do nothing but fight about software all day. And, by extension, I also have a massive distaste for the Fediverse, though my dislike of the fediverse is moreso a consequence of it’s constant vile, toxic conduct. I spend upwards of $30 a month, running services for and interacting with people and communties I don’t like. It doesn’t make sense, so I’m out.